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Mrs. Barenz's Kindergarten Homepage
"The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer."  2 Samuel 22:2

Welcome to our Kindergarten web page!  We are happy to share what we will be learning and doing during the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year.

We always begin our day in a special way...learning about our best friend, Jesus!  This year during Bible Time we will be studying lessons from the New Testament.  We will begin with the announcement of Jesus' birth and by midyear we will be learning lessons about Jesus' miracles and parables.  In October we will have a unit on the life of Martin Luther.  

During the first semester of our Language Arts program we begin learning to read and write using the'Meet the Superkids' books.  We also spend lots of time drawing and writing in our journals.  I always love watching how Kindergartners learn to express themselves in this way!

In our Math units for the first half of the year we will be sorting and classifying objects, making patterns, learning the numbers 0-12, and working with calendars and clocks.

Our Kindergarten scientists will begin the year learning about how to use science tools.  We will then go on to study our five senses, living and non-living things, and the seasons of Fall and Winter.  We will learn about apples and pumpkins, bats and spiders, owls and turkeys, penguins and polar bears and the states of matter.  We do a lot of comparing using our big Venn diagram pocket chart and our favorite days include a fun and messy experiment!  

In Social Studies we will talk about some of the important people of history, including Johnny Appleseed, Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims and Native Americans, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We will also talk about school rules, the world we live in, fire safety, and our veterans.  In October we will have a short unit on Germany, the country of Martin Luther...and many of our ancestors!

The Kindergartners have lots of fun sharing Gym class with the 1st and 2nd graders.  We start out the year learning foundational skills and then move on to units on dance, parachutes, using manipulatives, balance, stunts and tumbling, and catching and throwing.

Kindergartners love to sing, so we will be learning lot of new songs.  We practice the songs we will sing in chapel, church and for our Chirstmas program.  (The PreK and Kindergarteners will have their own special Christmas Service on Saturday, December 15th!)  In our Music series, 'Sing and Make Music,' we will study the elements of music: pitch, dynamics, tempo, and timbre.  We also like to use our handbells and rhythm instruments and will have a unit on the instruments of the orchestra.  Doing action songs is a great way to get our wiggles out and just have a good time.

Making art and craft projects is always a favorite time of the day.  We like to use lots of different materials and methods to make many seasonal projects.  We will also learn about some well-known artists and try our hand at copying their style.

Our first semester field trips include a day at Camp Y-Koda where we will learn about frogs, archery, boating, and practice being nature detectives.  We will roast hot dogs and make s'mores for our campfire lunch.  Later in the fall we plan to visit Breezy Hill Campground and Kelley's Creamery, and in December we will go Christmas caroling and bowling.

Well, that's our first semester in a nutshell.  May God bless us as we learn about him and the wonderful world he has created.  May it be a year full of fun, friendship, and learning!

Serving Jesus,
Dawn Barenz
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